An in-ground swimming pool can be a beautiful addition to any home in Dulles, 20189. If you're considering having a pool installed you should think about all the expenses that can be associated with pool projects before making an investment in a pool. In this post we have taken a cost averaging viewpoint to give you an understanding of the costs that can occur with a pool project. The total cost of a in-ground pool can vary from city to city and each contractor will have different installation costs. This post is to be used as a generic guide for understanding the expenses involved with a pool project. 

Let’s take a look at the costs of installation types of in-ground swimming pools such as concrete, fiberglass and vinyl liner pools. This will help us with a better idea of what’s a perfect fit for your home and desires.

Labor Expenses for Installing a Pool 

It’s important to tell you; some home owners prefer the “self-installation” option where the swimming pool is handed to them for the installation. If that’s a route you wish to take your project, please ignore this section as it doesn’t pertain to you or your total pool project expenses.

For others who require professional help (recommended), it’s better to start with the standard labor costs before diving into specific pool manufacturers.

In most circumstances, the labor expenses are going to be in the $35-50 hourly rate. Please think about, that these prices are going to vary based on the contractor, and the more prestigious builders that carry the best name brands can be as high as $70 per project hour before materials are considered.

Be sure to inquire about their hourly rate before beginning a project with a contractor. It can help expedite the project and your expectations of what’s being charged to you versus what you're getting.

General Requirements Before a Quote 

To get a better feel for how much each pool type costs, you want to get a better understanding of the primary requirements of each project associated to the total pool installation project.

Remember, no two in-ground pool projects will be alike, and most have to take into account the space they have to work with and the total requirements of the project. So, what are some of the variables that need to be considered for a swimming pool project?

Variables May Include:

1) Property dimensions and layout.

2) Pool dimensions.

3) Materials required for the project.

4) Safety requirements – hand railings, proper markings, pool covers, etc.

5) Custom shapes, free form, rectangular, oval, kidney, etc.

6) Depth of swimming pool – deep, shallow and mid pool height levels.

7) Diving boards, jumping rocks, spa jets and other pool features.

8) Fencing for safety to help protect your livingspace and meet safety needs.

9) Lighting for mood, safety and security. 

10) Contractors – how many will be in my yard and will their labor affect the expense.

When considering these variables, and based on what a person requires from the pool installation process, will ultimately determine the total cost. The home owner should always count on spending more than planned for to be safe. Always sit down and talk with a pool guy to determine how much it’s going to hurt the wallet and try to determine any unforeseen design flaws.

If not, the quote could end up being far greater than anticipated due to the additional needs you may have. These costs are always going to play a greater role on cost once the swimming pool has been wrapped up. 

In-ground Fiberglass Pools

Now, that we have considered the variables that should be considered, let’s talk about the specific types of pools available for sale.

With fiberglass in-ground pools, plan for  a cost near $15,000-$35,000 (based on size).

Vinyl Swimming Pools

The next type of swimming pool would be the vinyl liner pool. These are dramatic pools that can provide many years of enjoyment when installed the right way by pool experts. 

The costs associated with a vinyl liner swimming pool are going to settle in the range of $10,000-$30,000.Vinyl liner pools can be a wonderful choice for people wanting something robust and unique.

Custom Concrete Pools

The third option a person will have is a concrete swimming pool, and this is the most expensive type of them all. This is going to end up costing near $15,000-$40,000 or more... 

With concrete swimming pools it’s important to note they can be customized to however you choose as the contractor can build them from the ground up. You will have complete control over what can be done with your custom pool.

To reflect, there are three types of in-ground swimming pools and the fees for those pool types can differ without proper knowledge. If you're still not quite sure about which pool type to choose one of our dealers can explain the difference and why. All three in-ground pool types have their strengths and weaknesses, so it's best to look at these distinctions along with your budget to determine what is best for you in Dulles, 20189.